Living Eulogies and the Power of Encouragement

“We say really pretty words about dead people. There is something about death that forces the poet in us to the surface.”

Amy Hay, vice principal at Christian Life Preparatory School in Fort Worth, Texas, shares a powerful story about a young man whose life was tragically ended, but not before his loved ones encouraged him about his gifts and calling in his life.

She challenges us not to wait until a death of a loved one to speak meaningful words about them, but to encourage those around us while we they are still on earth.

Amy Hay
Amy Hay
Amy graduated with a B.A. from the University of Oklahoma in 2006 and from Texas Christian University in 2015 with a M.Ed in Educational Administration. Amy has held a Texas Teacher’s Certificate since 2011. Amy is happily employed at Christian Life Preparatory School (CLPS) since 2007, teaching Biology, Earth Science, Life Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Texas History, World Geography, Junior/Senior Advising and Drama. In 2010 she joined the Administration as the Vice Principal which included duties across the school including teacher training, technology integration and curricular program development. Technology is a special love of Amy’s. She loves gadgets and figuring out by clicking. Amy launched the Edmodo learning management system at her school while pushing for technology hardware in every classroom, providing Professional Development on iPads, Google Drive, and a million other things! Her newest pet projects include Classroom Flipping, Assessment, Teacher Supervision and Evaluation and using Professional Learning Communities to improve practice. Amy has been married to Dan Hay for 11 years. They met through a college ministry that continues to impact their lives. Dan and Amy have two children, Sadie (6) and Jackson (3).

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