UMSI Prayer Focus

“Partnering for the Kingdom” is the theme of the upcoming Summit, as well as the current school year, and we are committed to focusing on lifting each other up to the Father in prayer. You can send your personal or school prayer request to Our prayer warriors will take time each week to cover your requests and praises with prayer. If you would like to become one of our dedicated prayer warriors, let us know via the prayer email address above or by calling the office at 972.525.7005.

Jenny Blair on Email
Jenny Blair
Jenny Blair
Communications Specialist | UMSI
Jenny was first introduced to the University-Model® in 2011 when she began teaching AP English at Christian Life Preparatory School in Fort Worth. Jenny joined UMSI in 2013 and currently serves as Communications Specialist. She enjoys working with schools in the academic arena as well as organizing training opportunities for school leaders and teachers. She enjoys spending time with her husband Donnie and their son, little Donnie, photography, making music, and traveling the world. Jenny and her husband, Donnie, currently reside in Leicester, England.

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