UMSI Summit

2017 Conference Design

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June 27-29, 2017

Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel
4440 West John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX 75063

Designed to Equip & Encourage

The UMSI Summit is an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together to renew friendships, encourage one another, and receive training and fresh ideas. Numerous University-Model® faculty and staff have testified to the camaraderie and educational benefits they have experienced at UMSI conferences, resulting in a greater sense of unity and commitment, along with the absolute confidence that God continues to guide this ministry. The UMSI Summit offers high-quality training and networking opportunities to equip and inspire attendees to lead their schools with passion and excellence.

Exciting Opportunities at the Summit:

Art and Yearbook Competition

UMSI is pleased to announce the return of the Art and Yearbook Competition to the 2017 UMSI Summit!

Art Competition Registration
Yearbook Competition Registration

Classical School Sessions and Training

Classical workshops offer substantive instruction for all those interested in classical school leadership and education. In these training and equipping sessions, participants will engage classical school teachers and learn how to develop top-quality course content and teach classical classes with rigor.

High-Quality Breakout Session Strands

Breakout sessions take on a fresh feel as select presenters craft sessions geared to challenging veteran University-Model® faculty and staff and give solid training to those new to the University-Model®. Summit attendees will participate in a variety of high-quality, focused breakout sessions that will challenge and inspire them for the new school year.

Flashpoint Presentations

Flashpoint presentations, a series of brief talking points in a community setting (like TED talks) are intended to equip, inspire, educate, inform, and/or encourage the leader in each person. Topics range from practical, to educational, to inspirational, to complex. Everyone benefits from these thought-provoking presentations!

Board Training

University-Model® school board members are encouraged to participate in the full UMSI Summit, which includes board training taught by a seasoned UMSI board member.