2017 UMSI Summit Legal Forum

[su_text_image_right image_source=”http://umsi.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Dr.-Thomas-Cathey.jpg” header_text=”Legal Forum: Pre-conference Event”]Dr. Tom Cathey, head of the Legal Department for ACSI, returns to the Summit with updated information regarding how today’s culture, as well as state and governmental regulations, will impact Christian education. His four-hour comprehensive session, which will include information on the latest HR hiring practices and employee regulations, gets underway in Part I of the Legal Forum, scheduled on the campus of Dallas Baptist University on Monday evening, June 26.[/su_text_image_right]

Dinner and transportation will be provided. Those who register for the full Summit will pay a nominal fee of $50 for the Monday night session, which includes transportation and dinner. Others, such as board members who cannot attend the entire conference, can register for Part I of the Legal Forum for a fee of $75.

Visit the event website to register.

Our recommendation is that schools send administrators and board presidents/members to Part I of the Legal Forum, even though they all cannot attend the full conference. As long as there is a minimum of one school representative to attend both Parts I and II of the Legal Forum, you can be assured that your school will be in excellent position to protect itself going into SY 2017-2018.

Those who register for the entire Summit/conference, and who attend Part I, will have the opportunity to attend Part II of the LegalĀ Forum on Tuesday morning, June 27, which will equip attendees with the tools, templates, and training necessary to return to their schools with the knowledge required to update policies and to lead their schools to a position of strength regarding private school rules and regulations.

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