February Prayer Focus

From Erin to You: We would be remiss not to broach the subject of “love” in February.

At the core of everyone is the desire to be loved. The word “love” is so misused. I love chocolate cake. I love sports cars. I love movies.

Love is not a feeling, but a person. 1 John 4:16 says God is love.

As administrators and teachers, one of our callings is to love people. As we know, that isn’t always easy! Thankfully God didn’t make this dependent on us. True agape love is not a love that makes us feel good. God’s love will fill us with exhilaration but will also challenge us, break us, and bring us to a place of dependence on Him.

How do we love our families well? First, we must know God, understand our union with Him through the Spirit, and learn to be at home in His love. Then, we follow the direction of the Spirit and love people as He directs us. For example, the most loving attribute for someone may be celebrating a wonderful occasion or circumstance that has transpired in his or her life. On the other hand, loving a student of a family may require us to speak truth in love and not compromise the character of God. I have discovered that so many people interpret real love as making a person feel good about what they are doing or thinking. I believe true love goes further than that and says, “I love you,” enough not to allow you to believe a lie.

Secondly, we must know the difference between human love and God’s love. Human love can come and go based on how we feel. God’s love never changes. Human love wants what is best for oneself; God’s love is for others. Typically, we learn about God’s love in the classroom called life: that difficult family member, unmet expectations, hurt students, the shattered dream, etc.

As Christian leaders, how do we live out this type of love? I suggest we press into the One who is perfect Love (1 John 4:18). We must stay attuned to the voice of the Spirit and know how God is leading in a situation. God uses all things of life to move us from a focus on self to a focus on Him.

There is no safer place than to rest on the love of the Father. It may not feel pleasant at the time, or the circumstances may appear troublesome. Love never fails.

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