[su_staff_bio image_source=”” job_title=”Chief Executive Officer” email=”” name=”Barbara Nicholson Freeman, M.Ed.”]Barbara Nicholson Freeman brought thirty-six years of educational training and experience to UMSI in 2002 when she became its first Executive Director. Having served in both public and private schools, she believes the University-Model® is an excellent alternative in education. In her opinion, it is the best of the three options (public, private, University-Model®), especially for parents who desire time with their children combined with a quality educational program. Mrs. Freeman’s educational credentials include a B.S. in Elementary Education from Delta State University, a Master of Education, and a Master of School Administration, both from the University of Texas-Pan American. She holds Texas lifetime certification in teaching, instructional supervision, and school administration. Her K-12 experience includes thirty-three years in public education and seventeen years in Christian education. Prior roles include teaching, public relations director, federal programs supervisor, central office administrator, elementary and high school principal, and superintendent. Mrs. Freeman has two adult children and six grandchildren, three of whom attended Grace Preparatory Academy in Arlington. She is married to Chuck Freeman, a Fort Worth architect.[/su_staff_bio] [su_staff_bio image_source=”×150.jpg” job_title=”Independent Contractor, Oberg Enterprises” email=”” name=”Pamela Oberg”]Pamela Oberg is the independent accountant for NAUMS, Inc. (UMSI), as well as Grace Preparatory Academy, a UMSI school in Arlington, TX. Mrs. Oberg is the founder and president of Oberg Enterprises, and she originally learned about the University-Model® when she served as a University-Model school “Mom” at Waxahachie Preparatory Academy. In addition to serving as the NAUMS accountant, Mrs. Oberg makes presentations regarding finance, budgeting, and accounting during New School Workshops. As an accountant, Mrs. Oberg works in concert with the C.P.A. who conducts audits for NAUMS, Inc. and is a member of the Finance Committee. She presents all financial reports at Board of Trustees meetings and supervises the financial operations of NAUMS (UMSI) National Conferences.[/su_staff_bio] [su_staff_bio image_source=”×150.jpg” job_title=”Business Strategist” email=”” name=”Bart Cannon, M.A., M.A.P.D.”]After completing a 43-year commercial banking career, Bart Cannon joined UMSI in 2016 as its Business Strategist. Bart serves UMSI in a variety of areas, including financial planning and analysis, research, and product development. Since 2003, he has taught undergraduate courses on Worldviews and graduate-level courses on Leadership at Dallas Baptist University. He has also written and published two inspirational books and a number of newspaper articles and Bible study guides. The Cannons have four adult children: Keri, Beth, Melissa, and Jonathan. During their child-rearing years, Bart and his wife, Karen, were involved with church-sponsored and private Christian schools, as well as public schools and home school cooperatives. Bart holds a B.S. degree in Marketing Administration from the University of Alabama and a diploma from the School of Banking of the South at Louisiana State University, as well as two Masters Degrees—an M.A.P.D. in Management and Church Leadership from Dallas Baptist University, and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.[/su_staff_bio] [su_staff_bio image_source=”×150.jpg” job_title=”Coordinator of Member Services” email=”” name=”Shirley Smith”]Shirley joined the ministry of UMSI in 2013 and currently serves as Coordinator of Member Services. She is a vital part of all administrative support duties for the organization. Most likely when you call the office, you will speak to Shirley. At the top of her “joy” list are her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Shirley’s favorite activities include church leadership, attending Christian conferences, reading, and occasional travel. Her life Scripture: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16[/su_staff_bio] [su_staff_bio image_source=”×150.jpg” job_title=”Academic Specialist” email=”” name=”Karen Cannon”]Karen joined UMSI as Academic Specialist after completing a stellar career in elementary education, including more than 20 years teaching in public schools and more than five years in private Christian schools, as well as home schooling and partnering with other parents in a home school cooperative. Karen also holds certifications in English as a Second Language (ESL) and dyslexia training. In her spare time, Karen enjoys nurturing flowers in her yard, traveling, and making memories with her husband, Bart, and four adult children: Keri, Beth, Melissa, and Jonathan.[/su_staff_bio] [su_staff_bio image_source=”” job_title=”Special Projects” name=”Jenny Blair, MHR”]Jenny was first introduced to the University-Model® in 2011 when she began teaching AP English at Christian Life Preparatory School in Fort Worth. Jenny joined UMSI in 2013 and currently serves as Communication Specialist. She enjoys working with schools in teacher and technology training, as well as coordinating all things social media. She enjoys spending time with her husband Donnie, photography, making music, and traveling the world.[/su_staff_bio] [su_staff_bio image_source=”×150.jpg” job_title=”Ministry Advisor” email=”” name=”John W. Turner, Jr., D.Min.”]Dr. John W. Turner, Jr. currently serves as a UMSI consultant in the Family Ministry component. John began his experience with the University-Model® when he and his wife, Roxie, enrolled the first two of their five children (previously home schooled) in Grace Preparatory Academy (Arlington, Texas), on the first day of the school’s inception in 1993. Since then, four of their five graduated from Grace Prep and the fifth graduated by way of the Turners’ home school. From 1998 until 2004, Dr. Turner served as Grace Prep’s first full-time Dean of Character Development. During that time, he was commissioned to write Character-Driven College Preparation to provide a quick overview of the University-Model®. Since 1981, Dr. Turner has served continuously as a pastor of churches in both California and Texas, first in a full-time capacity, and since 1999, bi-vocationally. John and Roxie are blessed with nine grandchildren.[/su_staff_bio]