Pamela Oberg

Pamela Oberg is the independent accountant for NAUMS, Inc. (UMSI), as well as Waxahachie Preparatory Academy, a UMSI school in Waxahachie, TX. Mrs. Oberg is the founder and president of Oberg, Enterprises, and she originally learned about the University-Model® when she served as a University-Model school “Mom” at Waxahachie Prep. In addition to serving as the NAUMS accountant, Mrs. Oberg makes presentations regarding finance, budgeting, and accounting during New School Workshops. As an accountant, Mrs. Oberg works in concert with the C.P.A. who conducts audits for NAUMS, Inc. and is a member of the Finance Committee. She presents all financial reports at Board of Trustees meetings and supervises the financial operations of NAUMS (UMSI) National Conferences.

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