Academic Resources

UMSI academic resources include a variety of materials, templates, and information that will support school officials in practical and useful ways:

  • Selecting and evaluating curriculum choices
  • Implementing curriculum development and alignment for all subjects and grade levels
  • Providing strong professional staff development for instructors
  • Personnel evaluation
  • Implementing a successful and thorough college advising program
  • Maintaining effective student assessment
  • Preparing for successful UMSI certification and school accreditation

Academic Resources for Members

The members’ Academic Resources page features sample materials provided by established University-Model® schools across the nation. Below is a listing of some of the documents available to UMSI member schools.

  • Academic policies relating to administration, college visits, guidance counseling programs, parent roles and responsibilities, and more
  • Admissions resources such as sample applications, interview forms, acceptance letters, rejection letters, enrollment contracts, information packets, admission policies, and more
  • Classical school resources include documents such as “Classical Core Course Curriculum Sample” and “What Does a Classical Classroom Look Like?”
  • Curriculum materials include several curriculum map templates and samples, sample core course curriculum, and more
  • Several sample employee handbooks
  • Employment materials such as sample applications for employment, employment contracts, letters of intent, salary schedules, and more
  • Multiple job descriptions for academic advisors, administrators, assistant principals, deans of family education, deans of student life, and teachers
  • Professional development sample training schedules for both teachers and parents
  • The school board also has resources such as a sample school board manual, a school board orientation PowerPoint, and sample school governing bylaws.
  • A School Catalogs, Calendars, and Schedules section includes sample school schedules.
  • Teacher evaluation resources such as sample walk-through observation forms, pre- and post-observation forms, teacher evaluation process examples, and templates for teacher evaluation.

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