Program Support Resources

The Program Support component of the University-Model® is extensive. The UMSI office and staff offer many resources for school officials. These include, among others:

  • Resources that will equip them to select and train board members and school administrators
  • Guidance on how to create a budget so the school can become financially stable
  • How to design and maintain a crisis management plan
  • How to assist the school in maintaining a safe and secure physical plant
  • How to locate state and federal regulations for private schools, create and maintain an effective non-profit corporation, locate and/or write policies related to student admission, health, and safety
  • Ways to advise school officials on their selection of insurance
  • How to respond to numerous questions and concerns, all related to program support and school operations

Program Support Resources for Members

The Program Support Resources page in the UMSI Repository features sample materials provided by established University-Model® schools in several regions. Below is a listing of some of the documents available to UMSI member schools.

  • Sample documents related to the crisis management plan, such as school exit drill forms, school incident report forms, as well as sample crisis management plans
  • Financial resources  of various kinds, including a sample financial process document
  • Program support policies from the UMSI sample school board manual

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