Student Activities Resources

The Student Activities ministry (sometimes called Student Life) in the University-Model® seeks to build relationships, promote a culture of life, and grow the school community in an atmosphere of freedom and celebration. Through diverse programs and opportunities, students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents to serve others and honor God.  Activities are built around students’ special interests and may include athletics, student government, praise band, drama, music, art, drumline, chapels, retreats, and others.

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Rather than being a platform for self-promotion, athletics in the UM exist to develop character, promote a healthy lifestyle, and practice the traditional ideals of good sportsmanship.” header_text=”Athletics in the UM”]Sports programs in the UM school are a platform for developing mature, humble men and women who understand that their gifts are not for honoring themselves but for serving others. Borrowing a phrase from a former football player, Joe Ehrmann, the football field, and by extension, other sports’ courts and fields, serve as “the last classroom of the day,” meaning they are moral and educational environments as well as athletic. In this way, athletics are training for life. UM school leaders undestand how athletics can accomplish their mission which ultimately is to change lives and hlep young people come to a proper and sober knowledge of themselvs as men and women, as future husbands, fathers, wives, and mothers. UM schools promote the virtues, stress teamwork, and practice sportsmanship and in doing so try to model a view of the athlete, the coach, and athletics in general that is redemptive and Kingdom oriented.
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Fine Arts programs provide enriching and diverse opportunities for students to discover their God-given design, explore their artistic gifts, and improve their artistic skills in order to reflect God’s truth and beauty to the world.” header_text=”Fine Arts in the UM”]

The world God created for us is astonishingly beautiful and inspiring. Students must learn this and understand that beauty itself has the power to point people back to God, and therefore, is capable of evoking wonder, awe, and even worship. Helping students to see that their artistic gifts were given to them by God to bless others is crucial. Fine arts programs not grounded in adoration and worship of the Lord and disconnected from virtue will always fall short of God’s standard.

Fine Arts programs in the University-Model® community are diverse and eclectic. Some offer simple enrichment courses in music, dance, or theater. Others have developed mature programs in each area. Some schools emphasize worship, songwriting, or worship team building while others focus on specific visual arts such as Graphic Design, Ceramics, or Photography. Whatever the medium or activity, students are encouraged to develop their artistic gifts to inspire others, honor what is beautiful, and point the world back to truth and reality.

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Student Activities Resources for Members

The Student Activities Resources page in the UMSI Repository features sample materials provided by established University-Model® schools across the nation. Below is a listing of some of the documents available to UMSI member schools.

  • Documents pertaining to athletics including college athlete checklists
  • Field trip waiver forms
  • Fine arts handbooks
  • Student Life policies for social activities and much more!

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