Board Member Resources

[su_text_image_left image_source=”” header_text=”Zach Henry, Founder and Head of School for Christian Life Preparatory School in Fort Worth, TX”]Zach Henry served on the NAUMS, Inc. Board of Directors for 5 years. Zach served as a voting member of the board for 2 years before becoming President of the Board in 2012. Zach and his wife, Dr. Deborah Henry, are founders and current administrators of Christian Life Preparatory School in Fort Worth, Texas. Both are active in UMSI, serving as instructors at New School Workshops and counsel to sister school administrators. Zach is also a UMSI Visionary Board Trainer and a REPS ambassador for UMSI.

Please contact Shirley Smith, UMSI Coordinator of Member Services to schedule Zach Henry for a school board consultation. Zach regularly presents quality board training and administrator workshops at the UMSI Summit.[/su_text_image_left]

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