Parent Resources

To be optimally successful in a partnership with a University-Model® school, parents need practical, effective resources as well as ongoing training.

My University-Model® school has impacted my parenting in a whole new way. The amount of teachable moments increases exponentially when you spend time together during the homeschool days. I have been able to speak to the areas on work ethic, perseverance, diligence, and honesty just by sitting down and doing school together. I feel like the UM has given me the valuable time I need to thoroughly train and equip my children.Melissa M. | Legacy Christian Academy

From a pastoral perspective, they will benefit from encouragement from the Scriptures on everything from raising children to preserving and protecting their marriages and families.

From a parenting perspective, tips on discipling and mentoring their children, understanding their child’s personality and learning differences, and perhaps knowing how to cope with a teen’s identity confusion and self-destructive behaviors will be helpful.

And simply from a practical co-teaching perspective, knowing how to help the classroom teacher teach reading and writing, or helping teens write research papers and reports, will only strengthen the natural bond between parent and child, while at the same time will significantly raise the child’s chances of success.

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