Child Development

The University-Model® strives to keep parents confident, competent, encouraged, and involved with their children, to reinforce values the parents are on record as teaching in the home, and to enforce the behavior and discipline policies of the school from a character development point of view.

My daughter has learning issues and gets frustrated easily. The UM has helped her gain confidence in herself and has dramatically improved her reading and math skills. She has made great friends who have encouraged her along with staff members who support her. She feels loved and wanted at CLPS.Leanne B. | Christian Life Preparatory School
Legacy has been so wonderful for our family. It has meant so much to me to have this opportunity for my children. My son went from being shy and insecure to a confident and out-going boy. Our communication skills as a family have grown, and we learn each day how to show one another grace and love. We love this model!Misty H. | Legacy Christian Academy
[su_text_expand image_source=”×200.jpg” peek_content=”Dr. Kathy Koch (“cook”), the Founder and President of Celebrate Kids, Inc., based in Fort Worth, TX, has been a frequent speaker and workshop presenter at the NAUMS annual conference for several years.” header_text=”Kathy Koch”]Her practical, relevant, results-oriented concepts and engaging, honoring, and humorous speaking style draw enthusiastic raves from children, teens, parents, and educators. They leave her events armed with new beliefs, attitudes, practical tools, and increased hope to build healthy relationships and increase success in family, life, and school.

She has authored six books including four published by Moody Publishers. Her two most recent are 8 Great Smarts and Screens and Teens.

Dr. Kathy earned a Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University. She was a tenured associate professor of education at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, a teacher of second graders, a middle school coach, and a school board member prior to becoming a full-time conference and keynote speaker in 1991. She has loved Jesus for years and her faith and desire to serve and glorify God is the foundation of her ministry.

Her ministry, Celebrate Kids, Inc. is dedicated to helping parents, educators, and children of all ages meet their core needs of security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence in healthy ways. Dr. Kathy inspires parents to appreciate their children’s uniqueness so that children will grow up with healthy views of themselves. As a result, students become more trustworthy, more convinced of their value, more discerning and secure in their relationships, and more confident in their abilities.

Check out her website at:

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Renae Roehrs, President of Behavioral Dynamix, was a founder, school administrator and parent in one of the first University-Model® schools located in Lucas, TX. She is a certified Behavioral Analyst and Consultant specializing in Family, Marriage and Organizational Relationship Coaching.” header_text=”Renae Roehrs”]

Renae has previously spoken at the NAUMS annual conference and worked with University-Model® staff development, as well as family and student life by providing life-changing analysis, tools and coaching.

Her practical and relevant approach is based on the underlying principle that all behavior is a dynamic mixture of a person’s genetic makeup, experiences, relationships, successes, hopes, fears, culture, and personality – basically everything that encompasses one’s life. Behavioral Dynamix gives people the tools to understand the ‘why’ of behavior in themselves and the people they interact with every day. She inspires individuals, families and groups to appreciate their God-given temperament and understand how to connect more effectively, communicate more productively, manage conflict-resolution and understand both themselves and others better.

The dynamic, pragmatic tools Renae uses include:

  • Scientifically-based customized, personality reports
  • Revolutionary tools developed by Behavioral Dynamix including the Behavioral Pyramid and Transformation Cycle
  • Data-analysis for individuals, families, marriages and group dynamics
  • Specialized tools, training and solutions customized to each individual, family and team

Renae earned her MA in Human Services specializing in Marriage and Family from Liberty University. She is a Certified Life, Marriage and Executive Coach; Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Trainer with Personality Insights; Certified John Maxwell Coach, Mentor and Keynote Speaker. She is a published author of two books and has dedicated her life to helping others achieve life-changing results in their lives.

Check her out at or contact her at

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