Starting a UM School

Quality Education

Many Christian parents find the choice between public and private schools to be limiting and disconcerting. College entry has also become increasingly competitive in recent years. The University-Model® solves these problems by offering a high-quality, college-preparatory education in a context that emphasizes discipleship, worldview instruction, and character formation.

Steps to Follow in Developing or Transitioning to a University-Model®

  1. Through prayer, believe that God is calling you to implement a University-Model® school.
  2. Read the introductory information and the book Character Driven College Preparation.
  3. Schedule a conference call with a UMSI representative by sending an email to Shirley Smith at
  4. Apply for membership in UMSI (we will provide you an application after the conference call).
  5. Attend a New School Development Workshop and follow the New School Development plan to implement the initial stages of school development.
  6. Promote the school in your community.
  7. Open your University-Model® school!
  8. Stay abreast of new developments by attending all regional and national events.

Developing and Transitioning Schools Are:

  • Distinctly Christian
  • Embrace the UMSI vision, purpose, and philosophy
  • Utilize a university-type schedule and structure
  • Use the UMSI Certification Standards as a guide when opening or transitioning the school
  • Work toward UMSI Certification within a two-year period
  • Once certified, become eligible for school accreditation