UMSI Summit Presenter Information

Thank you for presenting a breakout session at the 2022 UMSI Summit! You play an integral part in the success of the Summit as we gather the UMSI community together. Your ideas, expertise, and wisdom will equip and inspire the teachers, administrators, and other leaders attending the Summit. If you have questions about breakout sessions, please direct them to Donnie Blair (

Before the Summit

We will put your session information into our online event program called Sched.

  • All speakers/presenters should have been invited to Sched via email. If you have not received this email please let Donnie know.
  • All attendees will use Sched to view the schedule & read descriptions of sessions.
  • You, as speaker/presenter, can edit your bio and picture. You can add handouts and notes to your session/s through Sched also.
  • Every presenter needs to login into Sched and make sure their session and session time/date are correct.


If you choose to bring materials and/or handouts for your session, we suggest preparing 50 copies.

Do not use copyrighted materials without necessary permission and/or proper documentation of those resources.

  • If you reference books, articles, quotations, or items found online (either verbally or in written materials), please reference the source.
  • References can be placed on individual slides or on one slide at the end of the presentation.

Please proofread all materials, handouts, or presentations you plan to utilize/distribute.

During the Summit

It is imperative that all presenters are mindful of the time their session begins and ends, and that they stay on schedule. Because there are only fifteen (15) minutes between sessions, presenters need the full fifteen minutes to make the transition from one session to the next.

If your session attendees have more questions than time allows, encourage the attendee(s) to meet you during a meal or email you with their questions so you can respond in more depth.

Conclude the session on time — no exceptions!

Please have participants scan their badges on the way into the session. This documentation is imperative for awarding professional development hours to session attendees. If no scanner is available, please have your session’s participants “check-in” to the session via the Sched app.

At the beginning of your session, please introduce yourself. Clearly state your name, position, and school, as well as your session title, and provide contact information for attendees to contact you with questions following the Summit (we suggest providing an email address). During question and answer segments, please repeat any questions voiced by attendees before you answer the question.

In the Room

Each breakout session room is equipped with the following:

  • Projector
  • HDMI cable
  • A computer remote so you can progress through your presentation.

*You must bring your own laptop and adapter (if you need one) to use for your presentation.


Did you know the name University-Model® is trademarked? This means only schools that are members of NAUMS can truly call themselves a University-Model® school and use this protected, trademarked name.

To protect this trademark, it is important that anytime the name University-Model is used, it is used correctly. When using the full name for the UM, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

University-Model should always have the first letter of “University” and “Model” capitalized. When the word “school” is included alongside the trademark name (i.e., when referencing as a particular or physical school instead of this model in general) the word “school” should remain in all lowercase letters.

Always use a hyphen to separate the words University and Model: “University-Model®.”

The registered trademark symbol ® must be used in the first instance of using the full trademark “University-Model®. Subsequent uses on the same page need not carry the registered trademark symbol, but if the trademark is used on additional pages, the symbol must accompany the first use on each new page. The symbol does not appear after the abbreviation “UM.”

When abbreviating the full trademark, it should be written as a UM or a UM school. When referring to plural University-Model® schools using the abbreviated format, the correct usage is “UM schools.”

We appreciate your willingness to help guard the appropriate use of the University-Model® trademark. Thank you for doing your part to maintain the integrity of this model of education and to use the trademark name correctly and consistently. If you have any questions about the trademark information, please contact Barbara Freeman at