UMSI Summit Volunteer Opportunities


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We are thrilled with the outstanding training sessions already listed on the 2018 UMSI Summit schedule. However, we have the following needs as we finalize the schedule:

Tuesday through Thursday, June 26-28, 2018:

  1. Sessions on classical education from successful classical schools that have been in place five or more years (Please note: We already have a strong classical track scheduled for the Summit, but one or two more sessions from UMSI schools would be beneficial.)
  2. Four people to serve on an “Admissions Panel:” School officials who feel they have an effective admissions process that successfully builds their school should volunteer to serve on this panel. Based on the 55-minute sessions length, panelists will have an opportunity to give a short description of their admissions program and why they feel it is successful. The remainder of the session will be open to questions from the audience (we prefer school administrators or admissions directors, since teachers should be free to participate in the outstanding teacher sessions already scheduled).
  3. Four people to serve on an “Athletics Panel:” First of all, if you submit your name for this panel, please include the size of your school. Our goal is to have small, medium-size, and large schools represented on this panel. The people on this panel must come from schools that have successful athletic programs that have been successfully integrated with the vision of the University-Model®, including the Family Ministry component.
  4. Special Thursday morning (June 28) Administrator Sharing Time: On Thursday morning, the final day of the Summit, breakfast will be served and attendees will have the opportunity to glean from experienced teachers and administrators. The activity for teachers will be a hands-on, exciting time of learning and doing. Administrators and others in the area of program support will have the opportunity to receive creative ideas from veteran administrators who have achieved success in the University-Model®. We hope to recruit administrators with five or more years in a University-Model® school to participate in this activity. The administrators chosen will present an idea to the audience that has a proven track record in their school. In addition, they must submit a digital information sheet that will explain the idea, its purpose, and why it has added an element of success in the school. Attendees will receive this information via emails following the Summit. Attendance on Thursday morning will add three hours of CEU credit to each attendee.

The following discounts are available to presenters at this year’s Summit:

15%: Presenters who present one session, including the aforementioned panelists
25%: Two sessions
35%: Three sessions
50%: More than three sessions (capped at 50%)

Please complete and submit this form by Tuesday, March 27. Submission of the form does not guarantee you will be chosen for the position.